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Koyama Keiichiro ♥ Kato Shigeaki

For the love of Koyashige!

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Name:Koyama Keiichiro ♥ Kato Shigeaki
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Community description:For the love of Koyashige!

Koyato @ Dreamwidth

Hello and welcome to the first and only community on Dreamwidth dedicated to the relationship between Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki of the JE group NEWS. We love the boys and the boys love each other, so keep the wank to a minimum and join in the fun :D

➜ No bashing. Not of the boys, the group, the members, the mods. Nothing.
➜ Fanfiction, obviously, is welcomed! But please lock all posts containing fic rated R and above.
➜ Please use tags! A comprehensive list of tags can be found here.
➜ If unsure about tags, please use ~needs tag, and a mod will assist you.
➜ Use a cut for long posts, fanfics and huge pictures.
➜ Please lock any entries containing downloads such as singles, videos etc.
➜ Last but not least, have fun and try to keep the comm clean and fun! ♥

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